SeaDream Yacht Club Announces New �Sweet Dreams� Signature Bedding Collection

Ordinarily we�d give you the upside first, but in this case the downside has an upside.

The downside is SeaDream Yacht Club guests may oversleep. The upside is they will sleep even more soundly on SeaDream�s new in-stateroom Sweet Dreams Signature Beds. They will be installed on both SeaDream I and II by November.

Once each year the SeaDream twin yachts receive routine maintenance to keep them in tip-top shape. On a continuing basis they also are scrutinized for those extras loving touches that add so much to their appeal---the new, top-of-the-line Sweet Dreams Signature Beds are a perfect example. And by the way, these new in-stateroom beds should not be confused with SeaDream�s Balinese SunBeds---those double beds up on deck where guests lounge in the sun or shade, and even spend the night sleeping under the stars if they wish.

The new Sweet Dreams Signature Bedding Collection may be set up as guests prefer with queen-size or single, sleep-inducing mattresses and pillow tops--- and are fitted with fine Belgian linens, as well as the guest�s choice of woolen blankets or duvets and foam or down pillows. And all SeaDream guests receive complimentary blue and white, two-piece cotton pajamas, with their names monogrammed on the tops---a perfect complement to their sweet dreams on these plush Sweet Dreams Signature Beds.

Interviewed for this news announcement while reclining on one of the new beds---just before he nodded off---Larry Pimentel, SeaDream�s President & CEO, said �The addition of our new Sweet Dreams Signature Bedding collection is an example of how SeaDream�s attention to detail benefits our guests.
�It is this guest-oriented thinking that led us to add such notable SeaDream features as an array of water toys or our Segway Human Transporters. If you�re not ahead of the curve, you�re behind it and that�s no way to run a railroad---or in this case, an award-winning vacation company operating twin, mega-yacht cruisers,� he said.

But back to upside-downside: The new Sweet Dreams Signature Bedding Collection will probably prompt SeaDream guests to request more wake-up calls. But that�s okay.

Whatever works. Zzzzzzzz��.