SeaDream Yacht Club Completes Installation of New Slide Aboard SeaDream II

New Amenity to Augment Most Luxurious Yachting Experience in time for Caribbean Season

MIAMI, FLA., November 1, 2022 – SeaDream Yacht Club, the most luxurious yachting experience, announced the installation of a new inflatable, SeaDream branded slide aboard SeaDream II, one of the brand’s twin mega-yachts. Guests aboard SeaDream II can immediately enjoy the new yachting amenity as they sail through some of the most exclusive and compelling Mediterranean destinations, where only yachts and small vessels can reach.
            “SeaDream is always looking for opportunities to enhance our guest experience,” said Andreas Brynestad of SeaDream Yacht Club. “Slides have become popular aboard yachts and we know that our guests will enjoy this new amenity on their SeaDream yachting vacation. This can be a more fun way for guests to enjoy the beautiful waters of the exclusive harbors and secluded ports we visit, as well as reach our retractable marina to enjoy the water-sports activities we offer.”
The new inflatable slide is deployed from SeaDream II’s pool deck, 19 feet (5.9 meters) above the water line. Guests will slide down the 23.5 foot-long (7.2 meter-long), 4.4 foot-wide (1.35 meters-wide) slide to the water. The SeaDream logo is also emblazoned on either side of the slide. Furthermore, SeaDream I will receive her inflatable slide within the coming months in time for her upcoming Caribbean season.

Family owned and operated, SeaDream Yacht Club has achieved the industry’s highest accolades for its boutique yachting experience aboard twin casually elegant mega-yachts. Each accommodating a maximum of only 56 couples and manned by 95 exemplary crew members, SeaDream I and SeaDream II feature plentiful open deck spaces and call on exclusive harbors and secluded ports around the world on seven- to 15-day voyages. The line’s “It’s Yachting, Not Cruising” trademark defines not only the small size of the vessels but their distinctive, luxurious onboard lifestyle. Guests enjoy highly anticipatory service on a nearly 1-to-1, staff-to-guest ratio and the fares include an expansive array of special services, activities, watersports equipment, gourmet cuisine, premium wine and beverages, and gratuities. For more information about SeaDream Yacht Club, please visit or call in USA +1 800 707 4911, in EU +47 67 792 585.

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Harrison Liu
SeaDream Yacht Club