SEADREAM YACHT CLUB - Introduces Portal to Portal Luggage Transfers

SeaDream Yacht Club is eliminating passenger headaches and we�re not talking about over-the-counter medications or morning after libations.

Guests of the twin ultra-luxury, mega-yacht cruisers SeaDream I and II, now have no need to muscle their bags from their land-based homes to their seagoing, SeaDream yacht home-away-from-home. Now all they really need to carry is their passport, their voyage documents, a toothbrush and a good book.
SeaDream�s new �medicine� is called Dream Luggage Express---a new way to handle luggage to and from their SeaDream yacht. Not just to the yacht but right in their stateroom. Luggage service from SeaDream yacht to the guests� home is available from most destinations as well.
To provide the luggage service SeaDream Yacht Club has contracted with Luggage Express of Boca Raton, Florida.

Here�s how the program works:
he SeaDream guests simply go to and click on Partners -- then Dream Luggage Express which takes them directly to the Luggage Express website. A few entries and a few more clicks and it�s a done deal.