SeaDream Yacht Club Names Dream Weaver

Coconut Grove, August 27 - We had to coax him back to the team. He wanted to sit on the sidelines and watch, but we finally got him." That's what Larry Pimentel, Co-Owner, Chairman and CEO of SeaDream Yacht Club, had to say about Ernie Beyl, who, he now calls "SeaDream's Dream Weaver.

"Our mantra at SeaDream is: Expect the Unexpected and Ernie's appointment is a good example," Pimentel said.

Ernie had two conditions. First, he wanted to remain in San Francisco and we figured that might be an advantage. A virtual Ernie in San Francisco may be better than an actual Ernie in our Coconut Grove headquarters. Second, he wanted me to write the news release about his appointment," said Pimentel.

Further commenting, Pimentel intoned: "Ernie is an old pro. No, strike the word 'Old' and just make that 'Despite his youth, we are look to him to enrich SeaDream and we welcome him aboard.' Thanks for your attention."

If absolutely necessary Ernie Beyl may be contacted at: