Yes, jet travel and cruise travel are different in many ways. Yes, jet travel and cruise travel are different in many ways. But, throw Mother Nature into the equation with a mammoth cloud of volcanic ash and you have a different situation altogether. As Bob Lepisto, President of SeaDream Yacht Club---upscale operator of elegant but casual seagoing adventures--- says “Jets are fine if you are in a hustling hurry but a leisurely, blue water sail is a delightful alternative not to be missed.” So, with a smile and an idea whose time has come, Bob calls attention to his twin, mega-yacht cruisers---SeaDream I and II--- that will soon journey on lazy eastbound transatlantic voyages from the Caribbean to Europe---the old fashioned way. Here are the details: SeaDream II departs Bridgetown, Barbados April 25 for a 12-day transatlantic sailing to Malaga, Spain. Those lazy days at sea are interrupted at Funchal, Madeira for an overnight pleasure stop. SeaDream I departs San Juan, Puerto Rico April 30 for a similar 13-day voyage and a morning-evening stop at Funchal before she arrives at Malaga. And here’s the best part: Fares start at SeaDream’s special "Book Today and Save" rate which is only $2,299 per person. If more encouragement is needed, with SeaDream there’s time to read Moby Dick, or War and Peace, to snooze in the shade, to dine marvelously on award-winning gourmet cuisine, to exercise a bit and get to know some new seagoing friends who were smart enough to take The SeaDream Alternative. Bob Lepisto notes that SeaDream has already experienced an up-tick in bookings from travelers who have cited the volcanic ash cloud as a reason for sailing with SeaDream---as if a reason were needed. For details contact a travel agent or telephone SeaDream at 1 800 707-4911.
Contact: Ernest Beyl Director, Corporate & Marketing Communications SeaDream Yacht Club April 20, 2010