Scandinavia & Northern Europe Discovery

Scandinavia & Northern Europe Discovery

Stockholm to Oslo

Jul 19, 2025 to Jul 26, 2025

7 Days

SeaDream II


Date Ports of Call Arrive Depart
Jul 19, 2025 Stockholm,
2 PM - 4 PM
Jul 20, 2025 Visby, Gotland Island,
Morning Afternoon
Jul 21, 2025 Ronne, Bornholm,
Afternoon Evening
Jul 22, 2025 Sassnitz, Rügen Island,
Morning Evening
Jul 23, 2025 Berlin (Warnemünde),
Morning Evening
Jul 24, 2025 Copenhagen,
Morning Evening
Jul 25, 2025 Frederikshavn,
Morning Afternoon
Jul 26, 2025 Oslo,
Morning 8 AM - 10 AM


  • Stockholm

    An enchanting municipality at the meeting point of Lake Mälaren and the Baltic Sea, the Swedish capital is one of the world’s great maritime cities. Stockholm’s maritime doorstep is a magnificent archipelago of more than 24,000 islands and islets–many just big enough to support a single cottage. As you yacht toward the 13th-century "city that floats on water,” landmarks such as Storkyrkan (Stockholm Cathedral) and Three Crowns Tower come into view. The medieval Gamla Stan district is the historic core of the original Stadsholmen Island settlement.

  • Visby, Gotland Island
    Visby, Gotland Island

    The Hanseatic walled trading town of Visby on the island of Gotland dates from the Viking Age, formed on a shore with a natural harbor, sheltered by steep cliff formations. This fairytale locale is a UNESCO World Heritage site, known for its well-preserved town wall and medieval fortification and towers. The town’s abundant churches include St. Mary’s Cathedral and the medieval ruins of St. Nicolai and St. Karin.

  • Ronne, Bornholm
    Ronne, Bornholm

    History lives on the gentle Baltic winds that carry Bornholm. The island’s fortified round churches and archaic ruins are its legacy and strike sharp contrast to the contemporary beach resorts. Akirkeby, at the island’s center, is the largest and oldest town. Founded in 1346, it was a popular medieval spiritual center. Stroll Gudhjelm to admire the colorful seaside town. Wisps from smokehouse chimneys fill the air with the scent of cured herring. At the town’s Oluf Host Museum, many canvases depict local scenes.

  • Sassnitz, Rügen Island
    Sassnitz, Rügen Island

    Rügen is the name of an archipelago of 30 small islands and peninsulas that jut into the Baltic Sea off Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. Germany’s largest island, also known as Rügen, was an Imperial resort. The nostalgic Belle Epoque legacy lingers in its tiny fishing villages, secluded beaches, and pleasant tree-lined avenues. The seaside resort of Sassnitz is your gateway to the nearby Jasmund National Park with its unique chalk cliffs. Enjoy the island’s well-maintained trails or take a bicycle and pedal across the countryside.

  • Berlin (Warnemünde)
    Berlin (Warnemünde)

  • Copenhagen

    There’s much to treasure in glorious Copenhagen, one of Europe’s most beautiful capital cities. No visit is complete without indulging your inner child at the Tivoli Gardens, a fantastical amusement park and pleasure garden that melds the atmosphere of 19th-century Europe with recreations of Far East architecture, all amid wonderfully manicured grounds. After paying your respects to the city’s iconic statue of Hans Christian Andersen’s Little Mermaid, shop to your heart’s content on Strøget, an elegant lane flanked by sophisticated boutiques housed in graceful buildings. Although its exterior is handsomely austere, the interior rooms of the 18th-century Christiansborg Palace are sure to dazzle you with their extravagant stucco ceilings, brilliant chandeliers and gilded furniture. Fast forward to the 19th century at the spectacular Copenhagen Botanical Garden, where innumerable plant species are showcased in absolutely stunning historical glasshouses. Should you have the stomach for it, take in the entire city from the tower of the Church of our Saviour, which must be reached via vertiginous exterior spiral staircase. No matter how you’ve spent your day, a terrific place to wind down is the quayside Nyhavn district, where colorful historic buildings host an eclectic choice of cafés, bars and restaurants.

  • Frederikshavn

    This Danish town sits on the northeastern coast of northern Denmark’s Jutland peninsula. A fishing village during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, Frederikshavn (“Frederik’s Harbor”) boasts a rich military history, as seen through the eyes of the Bangsbo Fort and its accompanying museum. Its white beach at Bratten Strand is idyllic and not to be missed.

  • Oslo

    Norway is a land steeped in myth, where irascible gods armed with frost and lightning once inspired Viking clans to plunder foreign lands. These days, genteel customs imported from mainland Europe have softened the country’s hard edges, but traces of an unruly past still abound. The exceptional museums dotting the Bygdøy Peninsula hold some of the city’s foremost attractions, including a thousand-year-old longship that was preserved in mud and the 12th-century Gol Stave Church, an exemplar of Norway’s distinctive wood sanctuaries. No less fascinating is a visit to the 1892 Fram, a legendary ship revered for her vital role in early polar explorations. To witness the evolution of Oslo’s soul, contrast battle-hardened Akershus Fortress, a ruggedly elegant citadel wrapped in nearly impregnable ramparts, with the neoclassical Royal Palace, whose formal exterior encloses sumptuously appointed rooms. You might wish to view Edvard Munch’s iconic The Scream, which hangs in the outstanding Norwegian National Gallery amid priceless European and Scandinavian masterworks. In expansive Frogner Park, wander among Gustav Vigeland’s thought-provoking sculptures, and if you’ve worked up an appetite, choose among the many restaurants and cafés lining the charming waterfront district of Aker Brygge.

Suites & Staterooms

*Government, Port, Document Issuance, Handling & Service fees: $525 per guest

Single Supplement for this voyage is 200% for Yacht Club Deck 2,3 and 4. For Commodore, Admiral and Owners Suite, a 200% single supplement rate applies.

Please Note: Fares are capacity controlled and may change without notice. The fares are per person based on double occupancy. Single and third person rates are also available. SeaDream Yacht Club strongly recommends that all guests purchase travel insurance.

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The pedicures my husband and I had on deck as we sailed out of Civitavecchia to begin the voyage were fantastic Mrs. Betsy B.Maine
I hate Commercial Cruises. So I reluctantly signed up for a SeaDream, and after a week on the boat, I could not think of one thing that was not done to perfection. The food was great, the staff was spectacular, and having only 50 couples made this a private yacht cruise. I have signed up for my second cruise, and probably will only Yacht with SeaDream in my future. Pat M.Florida