The Monastery of St. John & Patmian House

The Monastery of St. John & Patmian House

Explore the UNESCO-listed Monastery of St. John the Theologian, the divine Grotto, and experience a glimpse of a traditional Patmian home.

Patmos is often called the Jerusalem of the Aegean, the sacred island where St. John wrote the Book of Revelations in the Bible. Depart from the pier today for a short scenic ride to Chora and the UNESCO-listed Monastery of St. John the Theologian, built high on an ancient acropolis. The monastery's massive 15th-century walls and 17th-century battlements loom over the town belying an intimate and peaceful interior of arches, inlaid pebble stone floors, and whitewashed buildings. The charming chapel of Christodoulos is profusely decorated with frescoes and the old treasury, now a museum, displays a breathtaking collection of jeweled chalices, crowns, crucifixes, vestments and ancient manuscripts.

Travel on to the Grotto of St. John where the saint heard the voice of God and wrote his revelations. It was here, the most sacred spot on the island, where St. John the Theologian spent 16 months in exile, and this simple cave is now a chapel and place of pilgrimage. Both the Cave and the Monastery have been UNESCO listed in 1999. The iconostases built into the cave depict St. John's visions and the spots where the saint slept, wrote, and heard "a great voice, as of a trumpet."

Back in Chora you will visit one of the traditional Patmian houses, the house of the Simantiris family. The magnificence of Patmian home interiors is stunning. Entering the thick wooden entrance door is like stepping into another dimension, with Venetian style furniture, handicrafts and multi-colored mosaic ceilings dating from the 18th century. After your visit, drive through the town of Chora on the way back to SeaDream in Patmos.

Notes: Proper (modest) dress code is required for the monastery and the Grotto. Women should wear skirts covering their knees and blouses covering their shoulders. Men should wear long pants and shirts covering their shoulders. This land adventure includes some uphill walking as well as steps in the upper town of Chora, the local home and at the Grotto. Therefore, flat and comfortable walking shoes are highly recommended.

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Port: Patmos

Duration: 3.5 hours hours

Current Price: 129 USD