Yachting Land Adventure

Monemvasia by foot & Traditional House Visit

Monemvasia, often referred as the “ Gibraltar of Greece”, is undoubtedly unique with its fortified medieval town built on a reddish-brown rock and surrounded by the blue sea. Board a shuttle bus from the tender point and start exploring by entering the one and only gate of the city (Monemvasia means Moni=sole, Emvasia = entrance). The old stone built mansions, the picturesque lanes and the numerous Byzantine churches create an environment of superb beauty. Monemvasia is split in two, the lower town and the upper town. Walking on the main alley and admiring the wonderful architecture of the houses on your left and right hand, you will end up at the square of Elkomenos. The square is dominated by the church of Elkomenos on the left, a mosque converted into a museum on the right and an old Turkish cannon in the middle of it. During the walk in the upper town, admire the octagonal church of Agia Sofia, built by the Emperor Andronicus in the 12th century AD, one of the most beautiful places of worship in Greece, offering unique views of the walled city and the sea. After the walking tour, board the coach outside the entrance of Monemvasia medieval town for a short drive to the traditional “Olive Press” house which was the family house where the great Greek poet Yiannis Ritsos spent his summers. A guided visit to the house includes an olive press Museum and a cellar-wine tasting area. Taste the olive oil and the Monemvasian wines together with fresh home made bread and hand-made local products such as olives, oregano and feta cheese. You will then return to Monemvasia to board the tender back to your SeaDream yacht.

Notes: A minimum participation is required to operate all Yachting Land Adventures and some have limited capacity. All adventures in the SeaDream Yachting Land Adventures program are subject to change. Final departures times will be published on board.

Port: Monemvasia

Duration: 3,5 hours

Price: 189 USD

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