Yachting Land Adventure

Istria Truffle Story

An exclusive SeaDream experience awaits a small group of our guests today. Your land adventure will start off by going first to the medieval town of Motovun. This captivating hilltop town is one of the characteristic symbols of the Istrian interior. The Romanesque-Gothic bell tower with a crenulated crown from the 13th century, standing next to the Parish Church of St. Stephen from the 17th century, dominates the town's historic core. In the central square is the Romanesque Municipal Palace, the largest secular building in Istria of that period surrounded by many other historic buildings. You will enjoy a walk of the town including a refreshment and some free time for exploring this beautiful town before continuing your trip.

Few areas of the world offer an authentic search for the "culinary gold" known as truffles, and most truffle farmers are extremely cautious of "trespassers" to protect their valuable crop. The best period to search for the coveted white truffles is between October to December. During January to September, black truffles can also be found, which are slightly lower quality than white truffles. You and your fellow lucky SeaDreamers will travel toward the Istria Peninsula Hinterland to the village of Paladini where you will meet with the Karlic Family (A grandfather, mother, grandchildren and dogs) at their Farm. The truffle business of the Karlić family from Paladini near Buzet was established last century by Mr Ivan Rašpolić, in 1966. Back then Motovun forest was quite bigger than today. Both white and black truffles found in that area were considered to be among the best quality truffles in Istria. However, one of the richest truffle fields now lies at the bottom of the Butoniga lake. At the Farm, your host – the Karlic Family - will introduce you to the truffles and their history in Istra, along with their family. You will taste delicious products made of truffles all prepared by the family, including Istrian cheese with truffles, sausages with truffles, truffle pate, honey with truffles, olive oil with truffles. The highlight of the tasting is a live interactive presentation of making a famous Istrian “fritaja” scrambled eggs with truffles, and you have the opportunity to join in cooking the fritaja. After tasting, your hosts will take you on a truffle hunt in their own woods where they grow and harvest their black truffles. The truffles grow underground and are therefore invisible. However, their strong smell and uniquely trained dogs recognize the smell very well. After your truffle experience, head back to Rovinj and your SeaDream yacht. A lovely experience and a day that will be remembered!

Notes: While every effort is made by the guides to locate truffles (they are invisible!), SeaDream cannot guarantee that they will be found. In an effort to make this Yachting Land Adventure a genuine truffle hunt, we have advised the guides not to 'plant' truffles in the hope that you will enjoy the authenticity of the experience and thrill of the hunt. Please wear flat comfortable walking shoes and remember that you will be walking through forest and other natural surroundings where the path can be muddy. Should it be a hot & sunny day during your visit, please bring protection from the sun and extra water, which is available, complimentary, at the gangway. A minimum participation is required to operate all Yachting Land Adventures and some have limited capacity. Final departures times will be published onboard and the itinerary sequence may vary.

Port: Rovinj

Duration: 5.45 hours

Price: 209 USD