Santiago De Compostela Revealed

Santiago De Compostela Revealed

Santiago de Compostela is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Spain. Pilgrims from the four corners of Christendom also journey to the magnificent cathedral, built between the 11th and 13th centuries. Your day starts with a scenic drive from Vigo through the Galician countryside to arrive at this historic destination. During the route your guide will introduce you to the history of Saint James. Upon arrival, explore the ancient city’s many monuments and enjoy its varied architectural displays on a walking tour through Plaza Obradorio and the heart of the city. Here you can also experience your own personal pilgrimage as you walk a portion of the trail on the way to the cathedral. You will stop at a historic church along the way and receive an ancient pilgrim prayer. Then pause, like a pilgrim, for a memorable taste of the refreshing waters from the Fountain of Cervantes; imagining the many miles pilgrims have traveled to reach this ultimate destination.

The highlight will be an outside and inside visit of the cathedral built to honor St. James and where his remains were found. After the cathedral visit, you have free time to explore and wander along the historic streets lined with shops, bars and cafes before returning to Vigo.

Notes: A minimum participation is required to operate all Yachting Land Adventures and some have limited capacity. Please be advised that it is not allowed to wear short clothing above the knee or bare shoulders to go inside churches.

Port: Vigo (Bayona), Galicia

Duration: 6 hours

Current Price: 159 USD