Basse-Terre and Its Black Cane

Basse-Terre and Its Black Cane

Basse-Terre, the administrative capital of Guadeloupe, received its name from a sailing term that means: “protected from the winds”. The city is a perfect example of Creole architecture since the arrival of the first colonists. This walking tour of Basse-Terre will highlight some of the history and culture, plus visit the Cathedral dedicated to Our Lady of Guadeloupe. The building with a baroque façade was built in 1736 and assembled from large volcanic stones. Discover also Nolivos Street, the oldest and lively shopping street which includes an Indoor Market.

Next travel by bus to the Bologne Distillery, featuring an innovative spirit known as the “Black Cane Rum”. Named for the Bologna family that migrated from the Netherlands in the 17th & 18th centuries, this distillery is the oldest distillery and a major rum producer of Guadeloupe. Learn about the distillery’s long history and processing of its sugar cane including the Black Cane grown from volcanic soil and famous for its aromatic qualities. The volcanic soil, cane varieties and pure water filtered by the volcanic rocks of the mountain are the base of the Bologna agricultural rum. Enjoy a rum tasting in the gift shop and free time to explore the area before returning to the yacht.

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Port: Basse-Terre

Duration: 3.5 hours

Current Price: 79 USD