Yachting Land Adventure

Discovery of Kavala on Foot

Kavala is one of the most attractive cities in Greece, rising like an amphitheater from the beautiful harbor up to a huge Byzantine fortress. Take a pleasant walk through its spacious squares an cobblestone paths and admire its impressive landmarks, contemporary buildings, the traditional old houses and beautiful alleyways.

Start with a visit the Tobacco Museum, with a rich collection in objects and archival material for the cultivation of Kavala's main commercial activity during the 19th century. Machinery, photographs, rare documents and books are among the museum's interesting exhibits.

The walk continues toward the oldest part of town for a brief stop at the Old Aqueduct, a medieval structure designed to bridge the peninsula of Panagia with the foot of the mountain of Lekani. This grand monument consisted of 60 arches, has a length of 280 meters and a height of 25 meters, and carried water from mountain sources to the Old Town of Kavala.

Continue with an uphill walk through the cobblestone streets of Kavala, admiring the traditional old houses and tiny gardens, before reaching the intriguing house of the general and founder of the Egyptian dynasty, Mohammed Ali (1769-1849).

Mohamed Ali's house today functions as a museum. Built around 1780-90, with a floor area of 330 square meters, it was the largest house in Kavala at that time and is considered to be one of the most splendid examples of the 18th century Ottoman architecture in Greece. Visitors may gain some sense of the original atmosphere while wandering around the two story house with a display of carpets, furniture and pottery . Relax afterwards in its unique peaceful garden and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee before you take the downhill road to the port.

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Port: Kavala

Duration: 2.5 hours

Price: 119 USD

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