Medieval Istria, Roc Village & Hum Town

Medieval Istria, Roc Village & Hum Town

See Medieval Istria and picturesque Hum - the smallest Town in the World according to the Guiness Book of World Records. Depart the pier for the scenic, approximately one-hour drive over the Ucka Mountains en route to the Istra Peninsula, and your first visit of Roc Village. An important cultural monument, Roc features well-preserved medieval town walls with two entrances. Discover the Roman lapidarium, a Venetian bombarda cannon, and even a functional watchtower. Churches abound here and include the 11th-century Romanesque Church of St. Anthony, small St. Roch Church (with several notable 14th-century frescoes representing St. Paul and the Apostles), as well as the St. Bartholomew Parish Church, which dates from the 14th century and features a prominent, approximately 85-foot-high (26-metres) steeple erected in 1676. Numerous other smaller artefacts are preserved in these ancient buildings.

Following a short walking tour of Roc Village, view a fresco presentation at a local artist's workshop. Next re-board the coach and head to the town of Hum. En route, pass by the Glagolitic Alley, a scenic route of ten monuments from the history of the Glagolitic alphabet. Located in the central part of Istria on an approximately 1,145-foot-high (349-metre-high) hill overlooking the Mirna Valley, Hum Town has retained all the features of medieval urban architecture and organization. With a population of just 21 people (according to the 2011 census), Hum is often called the smallest town in the world. On its western side, Hum is enclosed by town walls; on the remaining sides, houses are built into the defensive walls.

Take a guided walking tour of Hum Town when you arrive. See the bell and watch tower, built in 1552 as part of the town's defenses and the present Church of St. Jerome with its classical facade that was built in 1802 on the side of an earlier church. The 'Glagolitic wall writings' are preserved in the church. Written in the formative Glagolitic period (during the second half of the 12th century), they are one of the oldest examples of Croatian Glagolitic literary culture in the Middle Ages. Following your tour, proceed for a visit to a traditional local tavern for a tasting of Istrian specialties served with wine. At the conclusion of your visit, re-board your coach and commence the approximately one-hour drive back to the pier via the Adriatic coastline.

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Port: Opatija

Duration: 4.5 hours

Current Price: 135 USD

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