Yachting Land Adventure

Slovenian Cooking Class with Fresh Herbs

Slovenian hospitality, herbal smells and flavors all combine into this memorable cooking class. Known worldwide for its hospitality and kindness; the local people invite you into their homes, gardens and farms to explore the flavors of the Slovenian region.

On this Yachting Land Adventure, you will first stop at a local dairy farm, where the family keeps alive their original cheese recipes and offers you a taste their handiwork. Next is a scenic drive towards the Herbal Garden where the local host will show you around the lush garden and introduce the herbs and spices that are grown in this area. Then you will participate in a cooking class, learning how to use the different herbs and spices in their authentic recipes accompanied by a selection of flavorful wines.

Reflect on the family environment, local farms, the land and cultivation of different produce experienced upon returning to the yacht in port.

Notes: A minimum participation is required to operate all Yachting Land Adventures, and some may have limited capacity. All adventures in the SeaDream Yachting Land Adventures program are subject to change. Final departure times will be published on-board.

Port: Koper

Duration: 5 hours

Price: 279 USD