Spain's Famous Horses

Spain's Famous Horses

Marvel at the beauty, grace and splendor of Spanish horses at an amazing ranch and breeding farm located close to the SeaDream yachts pier in Cartagena.

Travel by coach only a few miles to a gorgeous ranch where you have an opportunity to see the magnificent steeds in person. These pure Spanish-bred horses have outstanding bloodlines and a truly graceful appearance. They are carefully bred on this ranch and sent to horse lovers all over the world. There are various activities going on at this farm and you will have an opportunity to see the brood mares and their foals. There is an impressive stampede show and you will learn about the art of managing stallions.

Prior to leaving for the yacht, you will enjoy an assortment of tapas including wine and an olive oil tasting, while being treated to a stallion performance coordinated with an Andalusian dancer. Be sure to take photos of your time spent at this family ranch, connecting with the horses, nature and staff in the presence of the best Spanish Purebred horses of Spain.

Notes: A minimum participation is required to operate all Yachting Land Adventures, and some may have limited capacity. All adventures in the SeaDream Yachting Land Adventures program are subject to change. Final departure times will be published on-board.

Port: Cartagena

Duration: 3 hours

Current Price: 229 USD