Lemnos at a Glance

Lemnos at a Glance

Discover one of the prettiest harbors in Greece, Lemnos; with its picturesque traditional villages untouched by modern-day tourism along with beautiful beaches and wineries.

The sightseeing begins with a short drive around the capital, Myrina, also the main Port of the island, on the way to the second largest town of Lemnos, Moudros Village. This very beautiful village with a picturesque harbor has a population of 1,000 people and is known for its spectacular beaches. On the east side of Moudros Bay, with its roots on a small hill, is one of the biggest natural bays in Greece. Here you will have time to wander and take some beautiful pictures. The Church of Taxiarches, built around 1370, is worth a visit to admire its captivating interior and see the wooden temple which divides the church into two different parts.

Next continue driving to Bournia Gulf where you will see the church of Zoodochos Pigi and the remains of the Byzantine city called Kotsinas. Kotsinas was at first a small commercial port that belonged to Hephaistia but later became an important commercial center. In 1478 the Turks tried to capture and destroy the «Kastro» of kotsinas but last minutes such was saved by the island’s local heroine “Maroula”. The statue of “Maroula” holding a sword in raised hand, stands today at the place where «Kastro» used to be. Next to the statue and inside the church of Zoodohos Pigi there is a catacomb and its fifty-seven stoned steps lead down to a spring, that was supplying water to the Kastro in the ancient times.

After this stop, you have an opportunity to sample the famous Limnos wines (especially the white sweet one) at Chatzigeorgiou Wine Factory together with some local snacks and cheeses before returning to the yacht.

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Port: Lemnos (Myrina)

Duration: 4 hours

Current Price: 139 USD