NAT GEO DAY TOUR: Bluetopia: A Marine Biology Experience

NAT GEO DAY TOUR: Bluetopia: A Marine Biology Experience

This tour offered exclusively to National Geographic travelers, consists of a marine biology experience and a trip to Alimia Island. The excursion will be led by experts in the field, who will help you understand the human threats to the marine ecosystem. The small group will travel via private rib boat, allowing easy access into the sea to explore the coastline.

The first stop is Skala in Kamiros where the marine biology experience begins. From there, head to Makri Island by private rib boat. There will be a brief presentation on marine biology to gain an understanding of Aquaculture and food production, and its importance in relation to food safety. Understand everyday farm management practices and the steps of the production cycle. Gain insight into how human activities impose threats to the marine environment as well as ways to diminish these impacts, while offering examples such as Blutopia’s own fish farm where instead of polluting, they strengthen the biodiversity of the area.

Next, visit Strongyli Island, a Natura 2000 area, and visit LAMAR fish farm, located inside a protected area—an exclusive treat for those who love the sea and marine life. Operating at the highest standards, the fish farm contributes to the preservation and flourishing of a rich aquatic environment around the island, where a vibrant ecosystem prospers. Snorkel around and inside the fish farm cages, where you’ll witness up close the role of aquaculture and how it integrates with the natural ecosystem. Following the theory, you’ll observe the wildlife around the cages, the role of invasive species and general threats of the marine environment.

The next destination is Alimia Island, another Natura 2000 area, which was inhabited from the antiquity until the mid-20th century. You’ll explore the crystal blue waters and rich marine life, but also many interesting relics which are spread from the ruins of the island’s medieval castle. With its diverse coastline that engulfs pristine beaches and challenging diving sites, it is the perfect destination for adventurers and travelers alike.

As you make your way back to Skala, enjoy snacks, fruits, and refreshments aboard the vessel. Once in Skala, a fish-based meal from the production of LAMAR fish farm (Blutopia’s production) will be served at a local restaurant before heading back to port.

Notes: This Yachting Land Adventure must be booked 48 Hours (2 days) prior to arrival in the port to confirm its operation during your voyage. Please book on the website, or onboard, early to avoid disappointment. Cancellations after the deadline are non-refundable. Please wear your swimming suit under your clothing and bring a towel and snorkeling gear from the yacht. A minimum participation is required to operate all Yachting Land Adventures and some have limited capacity. All adventures in the SeaDream Yachting Land Adventures or Nat Geo programs are subject to change. Departures times will be published onboard.

Port: Rhodes Town

Duration: 8 hours

Current Price: 449 USD

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