Fredericia Walking Tour

Fredericia Walking Tour

Discover Fredericia's fortress history and diverse religious heritage on a private guided walking tour.

Founded in 1650 by King Frederik III, Fredericia stands out as a unique Danish town, meticulously planned without prior settlements to safeguard Funen and Zealand from southern threats. As a garrison town, it boasts state-of-the-art fortifications and generous privileges for settlers, shaping its destiny. Join a local guide on the pier for a captivating walking tour, blending military and religious history.

Embark on a journey atop the massive ramparts encircling the old town, offering panoramic views and insights into its strategic layout. Delve into the town's past with visits to iconic landmarks such as the Prince’s Gate and the historic Guard House from 1735. Admire the imposing Brave Soldier statue, a poignant tribute to Danish victory in the Battle of Fredericia in 1849.
Explore the religious tapestry of Fredericia with visits to Michaelis Church and the Protestant Trinitatis Church, where the graves of soldiers who fought in the great battle lie. Dive into the town's diverse religious heritage as you wander through the old Jewish quarter, home to the second largest Mosaic Cemetery in Denmark. Learn about the influential Jewish, Catholic, and French Huguenot communities that have left their mark on Fredericia through the many churches scattered across the town.

The tour culminates in the heart of Fredericia, just a short stroll from the cruise pier, offering ample opportunities for further exploration. Whether you choose to delve into the town's charming streets independently or return with the guide, this tour promises a fascinating glimpse into Fredericia's rich history and cultural heritage.

Notes: The tour may operate in reverse. Wear comfortable shoes. Walking tour with uneven surfaces. Church visits depend on service schedules. A minimum participation is required to operate all Yachting Land Adventures, and some may have limited capacity. All adventures in the SeaDream Yachting Land Adventures are subject to change. Final departure times will be published on-board.

Port: Fredericia

Duration: 3 hours

Current Price: 99 USD

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