Incredible – UNESCO Awarded Delphi

Incredible – UNESCO Awarded Delphi

Discover Delphi, considered by ancient Greeks to be the center of the world, and visit its well-preserved ruins including the Sanctuary of Apollo. Also explore the museum containing sculptures and artifacts excavated from the Oracle and among its treasures a unique Bronze Charioteer.

Travel from Itea in your air-conditioned motor coach for approximately 45 minutes to reach the impressive site of Delphi. Situated on the slopes of Mt. Parnassus, at a height of 700 meters, you can understand why Delphi was once believed to be the centre of earth. The guided tour starts at the Sanctuary of Apollo, as you follow the paved sacred way to reach the Doric Temple of Apollo. In its Adyton the High Priestess " Pythia " sat on a tripod and delivered the oracles. The Theatre and the Stadium were used for the main events of the Pythian Festival. To the right of the entrance to the Sanctuary is the Kastalian Fountain, where Pythia washed before speaking her prophecies.

Across and below the road from the spring is the Marmaria or Sanctuary of Athena, with the conspicuous building of Tholos. Your visit continues to the Museum, containing a rare and exquisite collection of archaic sculpture including the world-famous Bronze Charioteer. After visiting the site and the museum you will board your coach for your return drive to the pier.

Notes: To appreciate this beautiful sanctuary of Apollo, it is necessary to walk up a gently sloped path known as the “Sacred Way”. Please wear flat and comfortable walking shoes. Sun screen and hats are recommended. Water bottles will be available at the gangway, please make sure you carry a bottle with you.

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Port: Itea (Delphi)

Duration: 4 hours

Current Price: 139 USD