Ancient Troy

Ancient Troy

This Yachting Land Adventure explores one of the most famous ancient sites in the world: legendary Troy.

The name Troy refers both to the remains of a Bronze Age fortress at Hisarlik Hill near the entrance of the Dardanelles, and the legendary city of King Priam that was destroyed by Acheans in the Trojan War. The hill is associated with the sagas of the Trojan War and its description by Homer (750 BC) in his two epic poems "The Iliad" and "The Odyssey." Archaeological digs have revealed nine cities and various ruins of the city walls, typical house foundations, a temple and a theater. There is also a symbolic "Wooden Horse" near the site.

Next, visit the Troy Museum, built on 100 acres of land, the exhibition area covers 29,000 sq. ft (2,700 sq. mt) with an interior of 137,200 sq. ft. (12,750 sq. mt) at the entrance of Troy ruins. The fact that the height of the museum building is equal to the height of the ancient city of Troy prior to the excavation allows Troy to be kept alive here with all the details. The Troy Museum, which is one of the most important examples of the contemporary archaeological museum chosen by more than 150 projects by an internationally respected jury committee in the National Architectural Design Competition, was opened to visitors in October 2018 Troy Year.

At the end of the visits, return to Kepez Port to rejoin the yacht.

Notes: There is a lot of walking on this tour with many steps and rough and uneven terrain. Flat, comfortable shoes are highly recommended. Also bring sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat. A minimum participation is required to operate all Yachting Land Adventures, and some may have limited capacity. All adventures in the SeaDream Yachting Land Adventures program are subject to change. Final departure times will be published on-board.

Port: Troy & Gallipoli (Kepez)

Duration: 4 hours

Current Price: 159 USD