The Rise of Plant-Based Menus and Luxury Travel

Out of all the travel trends we expect to be popular in 2020, ecotourism and veganism continue to emerge as the front-runner. More than ever before, travelers are looking for ways to make their journeys more 'green.' According to Big 7 Travel, 'the environment (and protecting it!) has moved from a fringe issue for many to become one of the most important factors in planning a trip.'

Big 7 Travel adds, "every city in the world is starting to explode with vegan options on menus as well as vegan chains and cafes popping up all over the place. Vegan-only trips, retreats and cooking classes will come to the fore even more over the coming years, as the world changes its eating habits.”

In pursuit of environmental awareness, SeaDream has discontinued the use of single-pack plastic yogurt cups, plastic straws and stirrers. Additionally, SeaDream is recognized as being the first cruise line to offer a "raw food" or "living food" menu at sea. An array of dishes is prepared only with raw, organic, and vegan ingredients, none of which are heated above 118º F. The menu, created in conjunction with the Hippocrates Health Institute, even includes dessert options, highlighting light yet indulgent selections.

SeaDream also offers extensive plant-based & vegan gourmet cuisine, utilizing some of the world’s finest ingredients, providing genuine nutrition, and delicious taste, as well as offering cold-pressed raw and vegan juice smoothie bars. Guests have the option of experiencing an array of dishes prepared only with plant-based and vegan ingredients.

A few menu highlights include: Vegan Lentil Bolognese with Gluten Free Chickpea Pasta; Vegan Pumpkin and Zucchini Lasagna; Vegan Artichoke Pizza; Avocado Melt Club Sandwich with Roasted Peppers, Zucchini and Alfalfa Sprouts served with Carrot Aioli; Sweet Potato and Black Bean Vegan Burger with Eggplant-Peppers Relish and Sweet Potato Fries; Marinated Grilled Cauliflower on Pumpkin & Carrot Mousse with Roasted Pumpkin Seeds; Veggie Wrap with Apples and Chickpeas served with Avocado Dip and Spicy Hummus; Tofu Cakes on Sautéed Zucchini with Mint and Basil Sauce; and the Sweet Potato Vegetable Lasagna. The plant-based and vegan menu even includes dessert options, highlighting light yet indulgent selections like the Vegan Chocolate and Black Bean Cake; Almond and Raspberry Pavé; and the Avocado & Coconut Chocolate Crunch.

Aside from the Raw Food Menu and SeaDream’s vegetarian and vegan sections, SeaDream offers gluten-free and sugar-free options, which are always available on request. For other dietary needs, guests can consult with SeaDream at any time before the voyage to ensure that we fulfill any special needs.

SeaDream’s executive chefs and culinary team focus their menus around the concepts of sustainability and local sourcing from the region surrounding each destination whenever possible. A Signature SeaDream experience features gourmet 5-star dining, prepared à la minute.

Are you ready to indulge your senses on your next journey with SeaDream on this new decade?

We look forward to changing the travel industry and benefiting your health one voyage at a time. Read more about our SeaDream Vegan Culinary experience on:
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