SeaDream Yacht Club takes - �STEPS FOR CHARITY�

Results in Philanthropic Gift of $10,000.00
For the Miami-Based Charity

What do happy voyagers do on a SeaDream Yacht Club transatlantic passage?

Well, recently when the twin mega-yacht cruisers SeaDream I and II both headed eastward from the Caribbean to Europe for their regular summer seasons, guests aboard enjoyed a wide range of pleasures. They wined and dined superbly; slept soundly at night, partook of stimulating conversation with their sailing mates, read best-sellers, snoozed in the afternoon shade---and took long and invigorating walks.

Long walks? Yes, walks as long as 26 miles, or 416 laps around the SeaDream twins� outdoor Deck Six. Here�s the math: 16 laps around Deck Six equals one mile.

What was that all about? The long walks turned out to be the brilliant idea of James Cabello, Club and Activities Director on SeaDream II, and his counterpart Richard Jones on SeaDream I.

Over the past few years on previous Atlantic crossings guests asked Cabello and Jones to lead them in walks around the yacht. They recalled other sailings when the activities directors led them on walks ashore to see the local sights and to get some exercise. The difference on the Atlantic crossing was that the local sights would be blue sky, blue water with occasional glimpses of flying fish, porpoises, dolphin and maybe a freighter on the horizon.

The two communicated and agreed that the deck walks were not only a good idea but that they needed some sort of �cause� to round out the idea.

Just a few weeks earlier a charity event for the non-profit Children�s Bereavement Center of Miami was held aboard SeaDream II in the Caribbean just prior to her transatlantic deployment. It was at that time that the �Steps for Charity� idea developed �legs� so to speak.

Mindy Cassel, Executive Director of CBC takes up the story: �While we were enjoying ourselves on SeaDream II we showed our guests a short film about a father and daughter who attended CBC following a tragic loss in their family. The crew was so touched by the work we are doing they decided to become our ambassadors and the idea for �Steps for Charity� was born.�

Soon, SeaDream�s Miami office picked up the philanthropic cause. As it happens, CBC is a long favored charity of SeaDream Owner and Chairman, Atle Brynestad.

The idea was that walkers on the Atlantic crossings aboard both yachts were invited to contribute whatever they chose and the resultant funds would go to the CBC. SeaDream management stepped in and said it would match those guest walkers� donations thereby doubling the figure.

To cap it off, it was agreed that for each walker who reached 26 miles circling Deck Six, SeaDream would add another $26---a double incentive; more exercise and more money for CBC.

By the time SeaDream I and II had reached their first European ports recently SeaDream I and II reported that more than 35 guests and crew on both yachts had participated---many of whom had walked the suggested 26 miles for the SeaDream bonus.

After the management matching funds the Children�s Bereavement Center received $10,000.00

Sometimes a great notion---in this case �Steps for Charity� as the walks were called---leads to a good effort for a good cause.