The Emporada Wine Route

The Emporada Wine Route

An extraordinary wine experience awaits you at Empordà on the Costa Brava. The Empordà Wine Route immerses you in the deep-rooted traditions of the area, dating as far back as the Roman times. Discover the secrets of red, white and rosé Empordà wines when visiting two famous cellars of this region.

The Eccociwine Cellar, within the Gavarres Nature Reserve, was built hidden underground and next to an ancestral farmhouse which names the property and the best wine, Ca l’Elsa. The medieval village of Sant Marti Vell reflects a bygone era and their cellar is the only one in the region of Girona that has recovered the vineyard cultivation that was considered thoroughly lost in history. The vines grow surrounded by pine, cork oaks and holm oak woods in a privileged natural environment. The young cellar was built approximately 10 years ago, however the processes at the vineyard reflect local ancestral traditions within a traditional and environmentally respectful lifestyle. A tasting is enjoyed of their fine wines before departing to the second cellar called Mas Molla Cellar.

The natural balance of the fields is basic for a good grape to bring out the best quality in the wine. This is the secret of the farmers wine at Mas Molla Cellar. The land at each vineyard marks the personality their wines; according to the altitude of the vines, the proportion of pebbles and clay, the slope and insolation. Summer weather creates a special vintage based on the temperature day / night, the north wind, the rainfall, etc. The Mas Molla Cellar winery has maintained a traditional system of making wine, based on sulfur (18th century) and old wooden boots (16th century). See how they let nature do the fermentation process making the wine of each vintage and each barrel unrepeatable and enjoy a tasting after the tour.

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Port: Palamos

Duration: 4 hours

Current Price: 199 USD