Discover Elche, A UNESCO World Heritage City

Discover Elche, A UNESCO World Heritage City

Visit Elche, a World Heritage Site, known as the ‘Palm Forest of Europe’ and Bodegas Faelo Winery for a tapas lunch and wine tasting.

Depart the pier in Alicante to discover the nearby town of Elche with its palm tree forest; and known for highest concentration of palms in all of Europe. The palm trees in Elche number between 200,000 and 300,000 basically creating a palm forest around the old part of the city. Elche has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site because of the beauty of the Palmeral (Palm Grove) and the current agricultural system in place that is the same as the ancient irrigation canals. Botanists believe that the Phoenicians planted this palm forest and that date palms have flourished in Elche for more than 2,000 years. A guided tour of the municipal park will introduce you to the world of palms and the flora of the area. Admire the abundant variety of Mediterranean species surrounding you in Elche.

Also included on your walking tour is a visit of the Baroque-style Basilica of St Mary, which houses the image of the city’s patron saint. This Gothic-style church was built on the remains of one of the most important Moorish mosques of the era.

Discover the Huerto del Cura, an exotic garden that contains specimens of rare varieties of palm trees. Its great botanical diversity makes it the ideal place to stroll around and admire its luxuriant plants. The fountains and the main lake, placed right at the heart of the park, are all inspired by Arabian architectural styles. Be sure to see the most prized jewel in the exotic garden – Imperial Palm. This unique date palm has seven branches born of the same trunk that gives them life. It’s beauty and symmetry make it exceptional amongst other palms.

Next you will travel to the countryside to visit the Bodegas Faelo Winery. This small local winery with more than 100 years of vine growing experience is run by fourth generation of winegrowers. Discover all the secrets of their wine processing with a visit and wine tasting, plus tapas for lunch before returning to your yacht in port.

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Port: Alicante

Duration: 5 hours

Current Price: 179 USD