Can Rich Winery & Product Tasting

Can Rich Winery & Product Tasting

Visit the Can Rich Winery with a tasting of local products including their locally grown wine and Ibizan Herbs.

Can Rich Winery, established in 1997, with 42 acres (17 hectares) of vines containing both traditional and imported grape varieties. At Can Rich, they have created a fusion of tradition and modernity and pioneered the use of organic farming techniques in their vineyard. They strive to ensure that their viticulture and respect for the natural environment is reflected in the quality of the products.

Upon arrival, the owner will welcome you with a brief talk about the winery and its history. Then an expert guide will explain, step by step, the wine production process as you walk through the vineyards and Ibizan herbal garden. Inside the winery you will see the process of winemaking and visit the aging area where the wine is stored in barrels and amphorae.

Afterward, you will have a tasting of the wines and local products on the porch of the winery overlooking the vineyard. Included in the tasting is the unique to Ibiza, Can Rich Ibizan Herbal liquor. This liquor is handmade following a centuries-old recipe that their ancestors left and has remain unchanged even today. Ibizan herbs are recognized as an exclusive autochthonous liquor from Ibiza and has been granted the category of Protected Geographical Indication, granted by the European Union. Your memories of this winery will stay with you as you return to Ibiza and the waiting yacht.

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Port: Ibiza, Balearic Islands

Duration: 3 hours

Current Price: 199 USD