Yachting Land Adventure

NAT GEO DAY TOUR: Meet the Locals in Santorini

Spend an amazing day in the homes of two Santorini families. Meet these gracious families and hear their stories of daily life on the island, taste local products, and visit Santo Winery where you’ll taste and pair Santorini’s unique wine while enjoying the stunning panoramic views overlooking the caldera.

Begin your journey amid the steep, multi-colored volcanic cliffs that surround Athinios port and make your way along the winding roads that offer breathtaking views on the route to Akrotiri. Over the years, and due to the massive volcanic eruption, that created the island of Santorini in 1646 B.C., the island has transformed, causing the residents to find new ways to prosper amid the volcanic soil that, along with the sea salt and damp night air, created a unique microclimate. As they soon found out, this proved especially favorable to ground-hugging vines, including tomatoes, round courgettis, white eggplants, and golden-blond fava beans.

Upon your arrival in the area, the Arvanitis family will show you the famous Greek hospitality as they invite you into their home. While there, visit the chapel dedicated to panagia Kalamiotisa, then hear the story of the church and of the cross that was found by Xristos, the head of the family and local fisherman, who along with his wife Loukia, keeps the household while raising their three children. Continue your tour to the Panigriospito, which is actually a kitchen used for feasting during the chapel’s annual celebration. Loukia will serve delicious homemade delicacies as she tells stories of daily island life, the wine fields, and local traditions.

The tour continues with the Darzendas family, where you will step into their family vineyard to see the vines and some other agricultural products for which Santorini is known, including the fava, special cherry tomatoes only grown on the island, and the kapari, a pea-sized vegetable that is a key ingredient in the famous Greek salad. In addition, you’ll learn about chloro, a cheese made from goat milk, as well as discover how they cultivate their crops, their fears, and concerns and also when they pray and why.

Santo Winery is the next stop. Wine is the main product from Santorini and Santo Wines cooperative, where both of our host families are contributors, is not only one of the most important wineries on the island, but also one of the most technologically advanced wineries in all of Greece. Operating since 1922 in the village of Pyrgos, it is located in a wonderful location overlooking the vast caldera. The groundbreaking architecture of the building is designed and constructed in full harmony with the natural surrounding landscape. Learn all about the winemaking process and enjoy a wine tasting on this fascinating tour destination.

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Port: Santorini

Duration: 8 hours

Price: 469 USD