82nd Grand Prix of Monaco - May 25, 2025

82nd Grand Prix of Monaco - May 25, 2025

SeaDream I will be in Monte Carlo on the day of the 82nd Grand Prix of Monaco, Formula One Race!

The Monaco Grand Prix is one of the world’s most prestigious and challenging motor-racing events which is presently the last ‘street course’ remaining in the Formula One calendar. The race is staged around the narrow, winding streets of Monte Carlo. The main attraction of the Monaco Grand Prix is the proximity of the speeding Formula One cars to the race spectators. The twisting 77-lap, 2.08-mile circuit offers incalculable opportunities for spectators to witness the thrill of screaming engines, smoking tires and the expert moves between the F1 drivers over the 260-kilometre race on a course that allows no margin for error.

The circuit is laid out through the city streets of Monte Carlo and La Condamine, passing along the seafront of the famous harbor. Several grandstands are set up around the course. The largest is the K Grandstand with a panoramic view over the harbor and the racecourse along the seafront area especially from the higher seats. A giant screen is visible from this grandstand.

To assist you in making arrangements to view the race, SeaDream will be offering the following:
- A numbered seat space in the upper levels of the K Grandstand.
- This is not a guided tour; we are providing Grandstand seat tickets you can purchase for entrance to the 82nd Formula One Grand Prix.

Experience an exciting race day in Monaco under race fever. The town is vibrating with excitement, noisy and crowded with motorsport fans. You are invited to follow your hostess for an approximate 30 minute walk through the crowds to the Grandstand K, where you will watch the Formula 2 Race and Porsche Super Cup in the morning. The driver’s Parade will be approximately 1pm and the F1 race is due to start approximately 3pm lasting approximately 2:30 hours.

Notes: Please expect large crowds when attending this unique event in Monte Carlo. Be sure to wear comfortable walking shoes as the distance to the Grandstand is approximately 1.5KM (.9 mile). Tickets will be available for purchase through the SeaDream Website. We will not be offering tickets for purchase on board. To avoid disappointment and due to the limited amount of tickets we have reserved for our guests, we recommend that you pre-book your tickets as soon as possible when we have the tickets available. As always, you will receive a 10% savings when you order online.
Deadlines and Cancellations:
- these details are pending confirmation of the ticket space available.

A minimum participation is required to operate all Yachting Land Adventures, and some may have limited capacity. This SeaDream Yachting Land Adventure program is subject to changes or restrictions at any time. Final departure times will be advised on-board.

Port: Monte Carlo

Duration: 8 hours

Current Price: USD