Discover The Bahamas with SeaDream

Adventure. Relaxation. Rich local culture. The Bahamas has it all. We are thrilled to explore this remarkable archipelago for the first time in SeaDream’s history. Comprised of 700 islands, there is no shortage of amazing sights and activities in this West Indies’ island nation.

In 2022, SeaDream II will sail to six different destinations in The Bahamas, each with its own distinct personality. Discover why The Bahamas has become synonymous with island getaways. Uncover its unique flavor, excitement and pristine beaches.

A SeaDream Bahamas vacation will be unlike any other. Experience firsthand how SeaDream does The Bahamas with its casual and personalized yachting experience.

Learn about the six ports within The Bahamas we will have the pleasure of visiting:

Clarence Town, Long Island
Originally called “Yuma” by Arawak Indians, and later renamed “Fernandina” by the one and only Christopher Columbus, Long Island has a special presence. The natural contours of the island give way to two different coastlines—the exotic cliffs and caves off the east coast and the pure Atlantic waves and the sandy side gently sloping into The Bahamas Bank. In this golden age of travel, visiting the unparalleled beauty of Long Island in The Bahamas is a must.

Great Harbour Cay, Berry Islands
Fall in love with the Berry Islands and its unspoiled beauty. Discovered by a lucky few, the Berry Islands are made up of mini islands stretching to the north of Andros and Nassau. Thousands of ship travelers settle on these breathtaking beaches and uninhabited peace. Enjoy the most alluring views of swaying palm trees, turquoise waters, and a sky infused with soaring wildlife.

Harbour Island
Nothing embodies tropical escape like Harbour Island in The Bahamas. Gradually becoming the royal gem of the Caribbean, Harbour Island has grown famous for its nonpareil shores, culinary hot spots, and pastel-colored cottages. This tropical oasis boasts itself on its endlessly pink sand beaches and relaxing ambiance decorated with comfortable lounges and top service.

Norman's Cay
Near the Florida coast lies Norman’s Cay, a magical Bahamian island rich with azure waters, intimate scenery, and laid-back beaches. As a nature enthusiast, visit Norman Cay’s natural preserves and take scenic hikes along the striking peninsula. Known for its protective anchorages and sea life, Norman’s Cay is an essential on your bucket list.

Rose Island
Between secluded bays and uninhabited beaches, the pristine charm of Rose Island is unimaginable. Enjoy a relaxing atmosphere at a beach bar or spot the beautiful aquatic universe in an intimate dive. Rose Island also boasts some of the greatest snorkeling opportunities in the region with beautiful sea exploration and marine life.

Staniel Cay, Exumas
As part of the Exuma Cays, Staniel Cay is one magical part of The Bahamas. Located south of Nassau, this island is an unsung paradise. Visit the famous Swimming Pigs at Pig Beach, where you’ll spot numerous pigs racing over to get your attention right above crystal-clear waters. Dive or snorkel in the sun-kissed beaches of Exumas and enjoy local dining options for an exclusive look at The Bahamas’ eternal culture and ambiance.

Which is your favorite destination in The Bahamas? Can’t pick just one? We can’t either. Sail to all these destinations aboard SeaDream. Exciting new Yachting Land Adventures will be planned to highlight the best of each destinations, allowing our SeaDreamers to get the best experience possible in each port.

Two Palm Beach roundtrip voyages have been curated to feature every single one of these ports for a comprehensive vacation in The Bahamas. The seven-day voyages are:

Jan. 16-23, 2022 – Palm Beach to Palm Beach

Jan. 23-30, 2022 – Palm Beach to Palm Beach

We can't wait to see you onboard!
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