NAT GEO DAY TOUR: A Deep Dive into Ancient Roman Life: Oplontis and Pompeii

NAT GEO DAY TOUR: A Deep Dive into Ancient Roman Life: Oplontis and Pompeii

Immerse yourself in the leisure life of the ancient Roman elite as you journey through frescoed villas and the sprawling ruins of Pompeii. Marvel at still-standing UNESCO-protected forums, theaters, baths, restaurants and more! You’ll also learn about lesser-known sites, such as Casa della Regina Carolina, where researchers are studying the daily domestic activities of the Roman people.

Begin your journey, by boat, to the small port city of Torre Annunziata, where you’ll leave bustling roads and concrete facades behind as you descend below street level to ancient Oplontis. As a protected UNESCO World Heritage Site, the area and its two sprawling villas boast some of the best-preserved wall paintings of the Roman period.

Your guide—an expert archeologist—will offer historical, cultural, and architectural context for the painted wonders around you. Marvel at tiled mosaics and floor-to-ceiling frescos finished in the Pompeiian style with deep azure blues, bright oranges, and sunny golds. As you explore recently reconstructed halls and columned atriums, you’ll discover three-dimensional painted landscapes next to still-life scenes rendered by artists thousands of years ago.

Continue a short distance away to the foothills of Mt. Vesuvius and the ruins of Pompeii, an ancient city preserved by volcanic eruption. After a quick lunch featuring a recreated Roman meal, stroll down cobblestone streets to the Forum. Here, Romans once discussed politics, sold goods, and gathered for worship. Follow ancient paths to grand spaces like the House of the Faun with its rich mosaics and green gardens. Sit in the arena of the Theater and study the colossal columns of the Basilica. You’ll also visit areas of everyday life like the baths, taverns and the Thermopolium, where Romans brought their families for quick bites.

On your final stop within these winding ruins, you’ll find Casa della Regina Carolina, one of the ancient city’s largest homes located in an elite neighborhood near the Forum. Gain fascinating insight into the ongoing research started by National Geographic Explorer Caitlin Ellis Barret as you learn about the house and the daily domestic activities of its vacationing socialites.

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Port: Amalfi

Duration: 6.45 hours

Current Price: 325 USD